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Ultimate Pancake Bombs

It’s hard to take something as simple and delicious as pancakes and make them better. But we did. Because that’s what we do. We took those deliciously sweet and savory hot-cakes and Grizzlified them in a way that’ll make you question everything you thought you knew about breakfast. Are you ready for that? If so, read on.

This recipe takes a bit more planning and preparation than normal pancakes do. But it’s all worth it. When you’re done, you’ll have created something almost magical. The key to these is to get the syrup-ice-cubes fully encased in sausage. You really don’t want any leaking out while you’re frying them – it won’t end well. I’d also recommend making your pancake batter a little thicker than usual. This will help hold it all together nicely.

Ultimate Pancake Bombs

30min to prepare serves 2-4


  • Pancake Mix
  • Ground Breakfast Sausage
  • Maple Syrup
  • Vegetable Frying Oil
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  1. Pour Maple Syrup into Ice Cube Tray. Each cube will be a single Pancake Bomb. Put in freezer for at least 30 minutes. Syrup will not completely freeze, but it will harden and become easier to handle for creating bombs.
  2. Preheat Deep fryer to 180 degrees with Vegetable Cooking Oil.
  3. Prepare Pancake Batter. We prefer this classic buttermilk pancake recipe from 12Tomatoes, but you can use whatever you like.
  4. Grab an approximate 2” diameter ball of Sausage and flatten out in a circular shape on a floured board to make an approximate 4” diameter sausage circle. Make sure both sides of sausage have light flour coating so sausage does not stick to board or hands.
  5. Pick up Sausage Circle, and pocket in your hand. Scoop an ice cube tray full of cold Syrup into pocket. Delicately wrap the syrup ball with the sausage, being sure to fully seal the sausage ball so syrup will not drip out during frying.
  6. Cover Sausage/Syrup ball with Pancake Batter. Our technique: Use a large spoon. Fill spoon with Pancake Batter. Set Sausage Ball in spoon. Dip spoon in bowl of pancake batter and use a 2nd spoon to gently cover the sausage ball.
  7. Gently drop Pancake-covered ball into Fyer. Fry until deep brown. Approximately 2-2.5 minutes to fully cook sausage and melt Syrup.