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10 Grizzly Egg Recipes

Thanks to such abominations as the frittata and spinach infused quiche, the egg often gets a bad wrap for its lack of grizzliness. We aim to remind people why Rocky Balboa (arguably the grizzliest athlete of all time) started his original training montage by downing a dozen raw eggs and burping. Because eggs are mother nature’s chicken ass steroids. Let us ‘Get Yolked’ and celebrate 10 Grizzly egg implementations.

Less a recipe, and more a medium. Here, eggs are the canvas, while bacon acts as the brush strokes. Your mouth is the eraser, so get to work.

Hollandaise sauce = corned beef lubricant

When your waffles need a higher and better purpose, let them solve your meat/egg delivery issues.

Eggs go good with biscuits. Those biscuits are best with Bacon chunks. We advise doing them alls at the same time.

Chipotle deviled eggs topped with tobasco marinated deep fried oyster with a hollandaise.

Let’s be honest, bacon is the star here, but without the egg assist, it’s just bacon. I guess I don’t see the problem, but whatever … this is rad.

The original and still the ultimate: steak & eggs. This gourmet deployment is ridiculous. My eyeballs just salivated in the form of a singular, stoic tear. God bless this cook.

You’ve put an egg on a burger. And it was good. Now pull your britches up and put your egg IN your burger …

Still hungry for more meatwitches with surprise protein ejaculate?

And finally we leave you with these four, very important words: Bacon. Egg. Burger. Donut.

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