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Cook A Perfect Steak With Science, And A Blowtorch!

How do you cook the perfect steak? It’s a question that may be as old as time itself. Maybe. Well, thanks to science, I don’t have to find out AND we may have an answer. We get it by cooking it in a way that produces a Maillard (pronounced “my yar” not “mail lard”) Reaction. But how do we do that you ask? A blowtorch with a defuser of course! The Searzall. Actually, you can get by using any blowtorch. But that specific blowtorch does it really well.

One of the first times I ever saw someone use a blowtorch to cook food was when I was camping in my teens. A friend of mine didn’t want to wait for his hotdog to cook over the fire, so he decided to torch it. It didn’t end up too well for him though. No Maillard Reaction there. His technique was shit and he held the fire too close to the meat for too long. It was more of a charred reaction. Needless to say I wasn’t too inspired to try it. But I did like the idea of cooking with a blowtorch. Fire is fun.

It wasn’t until a few years later that I finally saw someone cooking legit food with a blowtorch, and finally saw the true potential of this device as a cooking tool. It was at a sushi restaurant. The chef was making seared salmon nigiri (fish on rice), and it was delicious! If you haven’t tried it, stop being a baby and try it. Sure, I’d heard about people using blowtorches to make Creme Brûlées and such before. I’d even dabbled, and mostly failed, myself. But this was different. This was a full on Maillard Reaction (though I didn’t know it then) and it was inspiring!

And I feel the same way about what I’ve seen in this video. It’s educational, motivating, and also makes me a little hungry. It’s like it rekindled a flame inside me I’d thought had long gone out. With this tool, I can finally step up my handheld broiling game and not be dumb about it. No more cardboard meat for me!

Watch for yourself. Get educated, be inspired, and cook your damn meat correctly!

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