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Backyard Grilling Done Right! Some Of The Coolest Grills Ever Created

No matter what time of year it is, grilling food outside is always the best way to cook. Period. It really doesn’t matter if you’re using a small propane grill or a huge brick oven, what matters is you’re grilling. But… sometimes having a bitchin’ grill is nice! WARNING – these get more and more ridiculous (read: awesome) as you scroll down.

– An awesome idea for those pizza afficionados out there.

– Our dream backyard kitchen…

– The best way to eat with the family

– Because you’re not doing anything else with those rims in your yard, lol

– Genius idea for camping or just backyard fun!

– And then there’s this guy… our idol!

– Killing two birds with one grill!

– Have extra tool chests? Why not cook food in them! lol

– Taking “fast” food to a whole new level, lol.

– But why stop at just the engine!

– Who needs to restore a car when you can turn it into a grill. Think outside the box people, lol.

– We found Red October. In Russia, grill cooks you!

– And finally, a steam punk BBQ engine. Because grilling in fantastic regalia makes food taste better!

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