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9 Ways to Schnitzel-topia

Schnitzel Parmigiana

A twist on the jager variety, where tomato sauce and mozzarella get the pleasure of lounging on a delicious Schnitzel bed. Note the beer pitcher and beach side proximity. Highly recommended enhancement features.

Sesame Schnitzel

Accented with garlic, ground mustard and sesame seeds, this Schnitzel masterpiece is a true German-Chinese mashup which has us thinking about the fusion possibilities. Can you say: “General Tso’s Pretzels”?

Stuffed Schnitzel, aka- The Inverted Jager

Like the Turducken, the Schnitzel takes a step up when stuffed with things. In this case, cheese. Like a German Juicy Lucy. A Juicy Helmut maybe? Maybe not.

Schnitzel with an Egg on Top


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Big Ass Schnitzel

Finally … we want to be clear. When it comes to Schnitzels, bigger is in fact better. If your Schnitzel is so grizzly that it requires an on-duty fire fighter to assist in your post sizzle transportation needs, then you’re doing it right. You’re doing it very right.

Big Ass Schnitzel

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