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9 Ways to Schnitzel-topia

Here’s a brief history of meat. Man kills beast. Man discovers meat. Man beats the meat. Schnitzel happens.

That brings us to today. And today, we’ve invested our time, resources and meat pounding obsession to bring you this list of 9 Schnitzel preparations to keep in mind next time you have the urge to pound.

The Classic: Schnitzel with Lemon

Light, crisp, classic. This is the Schnitzel that started it all. We begin with what is widely understood to be the standard in the pounded meat.

Jagerschnitzel, because Gravy

Another stable on German menus everywhere is the Jagerschnitzel. Although I got a D- in high school German, I do know this much. Jager directly translates to: “Ultimate Rad”. Mushroom gravy over everything!

Schnitzel Benedict

The name says it all. The picture shows it all. Could this be the holy grail of breakfasts? NOTE TO SELF: Buy Lederhosen Pajamas.

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Schnitzel Sandwich

When building a Schnitzel Sandwich, remember the second Schnitzel layer. While bacon, gravy, melted cheese and condiments are optional additions, the second Schnitzel layer is a must-have. Next Stop: the Double Down Schnitzel!

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