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9 Acceptable Uses of Vegetables as Actual Food

Vegetables. Yeah … we get it. They are in fact actual food. But what a chore.

Here at Grizzly Fare we thought it our duty to clearly lay out 9 acceptable uses of vegetables as actual food that you may consider applying to your very occasional eating regiment. We spent hours braving the results that vegetable-related keywords return across the social web and here are the results:

1. Cheese Stuffed & Fried

Vegetables are best when stuffed with melty cheeses, breaded and fried.
And side note: don’t be a jerk. If you’re making fried pickles, use spears. Only a real turd would use pickle chips.

2. The Breaded Dog Suit

See what they did there? The old Corn Dog Costume trick. Well played Corn on the Cob!

3. Hot Gravy-Exploding Centers

It could be debated whether or not a potato really is a vegetable. It could also be argued that potatoes are THE ONLY vegetable. This is a bi-partisan issue my friends. No matter your side, this is clearly a huge vegetable preparation win … and an acceptable use of vegetables as food.

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