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21 Of The Best Bacon Memes! To Inspire, And Induce hunger

The day may come when people look back in awe of all that we’ve accomplished. Our historic documents (mostly just Instagram and Twitter posts by then) showing with fine detail how we’ve explored the heavens, scoured the depths of the sea, and… yes, successfully cooked bacon in as many ways as humanly possible.

But you do not have to salivate and dream like the sad people of futureland. The bacon is here. The baconing is now! To borrow words from Pawnees finest, “Treat. Yo. Self.” #BaconLove

The following posts are meant to inspire, if not induce extreme hunger. Don’t blame us if you hungry and do something foolish, like not eat bacon. You’ve been warned.

We agree completely with this with one caveat, there must be bacon.

I need a bacon light. Something I can shine in the sky at night when I run out of bacon and need more. I true hero would answer that call.

You’ve been warned.

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If I ever get flowers. For any reason. They better look, and smell, like this.

Little rolls of happiness.

The number one reason anyway, lol!

Never met a bacon I wouldn’t eat.

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